Triathlon Coaching


We are passionate about helping others to learn, develop and maximise their performance to achieve their goals.

We have worked with all ranges of abilities from beginners to age group athletes and will work with you to create an plan that is unique to you and your goals, whether that is competing for your country or just completing a triathlon.  

We will only work with a small number of athletes to ensure that we can devote the maximum amount of time to your journey and we can provide a unique plan for you. 

There are several options of triathlon coaching depending on your goals and budget. The different types and plans are below. All of the options will have a free initial consultation to make sure that it is the right program for you and to assess where you are starting from. 

In addition to the triathlon coaching, we also offer strength sessions Triathlon and fitness group swim sessions. These are ideal if you want to improve your swim with a group of like minded athletes.  More details are on the swim and strength pages.  

Please contact bex@bextrifit.com for more information or for a chat about which option might be best for you.


Triathlon Coaching


  • Training Peaks Premium account

  • Bi-Weekly/Monthly Progress calls

  • Regular contact via whatsapp/email

  • Performance Bench marking

  • Weekly Analysis and adjustments to training

  • Free Initial Consultation

  • Bespoke plan for you, fitting around your lifestyle & goals

Triathlon Training Plan

12 week plan

  • Training Peaks basic account

  • Monthly Progress calls

  • Starts at a date convenient to you

  • Free initial Consultation

  • Bespoke to you and your lifestyle

Ad-hoc Sessions

1-off session

  • Mentor support for Self-coached athletes to check plans

  • Session Planning and guidance

  • one-off strength sessions

  • Nutrition guidance

  • online or phone. Face to face available if local.