Having been involved with triathlon as an athlete, official and coach over the last 15 years, triathlon is definitely our passion and we want to help others to develop their potential and hopefully enjoy triathlon like we do! Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned Age Grouper, we will work with you to help you achieve your individual goals.

In this section you will the details for our individual coaching and triathlon camps/workshops.

If you are looking for a specific area of triathlon such as Core sessions, strength and conditioning or swim, the details of these can be found in the swim and fitness sections of the website. 


Individual Coaching

We are passionate about helping others to learn, develop and maximise their performance to achieve their goals.

We have worked with all ranges of abilities from beginners to age group athletes and will work with you to create an plan that is unique to you and your goals, whether that is competing for your country or just completing a triathlon.  

We will only work with a small number of athletes to ensure that we can devote the maximum amount of time to your journey and we can provide a unique plan for you. We are privileged to work with you and will commit to that and expect you to do the same. 

Each programme consists of an initial consultation (face-to-face or via Zoom) to find out your goals, existing level of fitness and lifestyle requirements. We will then work with you to create a plan that help you achieve your goals. As part of the plan, we will set you up a Training Peaks Account and your sessions can be adapted to suit your day-to-day needs. 

Individual Coaching is £75 per month and in most cases we would expect you to commit to a minimum of 6 months of coaching.

Please contact bex@bextrifit.com for more information.


Training Days and Workshops

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Training days and camps

Our training days and camps are mostly based in the UK, but occasionally we run camps abroad to maximise winter sunshine! The training days/camps cover a wide range of triathlon specific sessions with some race prep, nutrition and skills sessions to get your ready for your next race! 

More details on the next camps will be posted soon. 


The workshops are set on an ad-hoc basis and cover many different aspects of triathlon such as nutrition, race prep and bike mechanics as well as sport specific sessions designed to improve your skills in swimming, cycling and running. 

More details on the next courses will be posted soon.