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Welcome to BeXtrifit

Build confidence, have fun, get fit.


A Bit About Us

BeXtrifit was set up from a desire to help people achieve their fitness goals, but also enjoy the journey as they progress. 

Whether you are a complete beginner in your fitness journey or a seasoned athlete, we believe that with the right tools and support we can help you to work towards your goals. It is important to us that your journey is an enjoyable one and is able to fit around your lifestyle.


What We Do

Whether you want to learn to swim, start running, maintain your fitness, increase your strength or train for a triathlon, we offer a wide range of fitness services and training styles to help you to achieve your goals. We have both individual and group sessions so you can choose the session that works best for you and have the option to train with like-minded people. If you can’t find the service you’re looking for, contact me today.

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Swim Training

Swimming is a fantastic low-impact, all-round body workout and being able to move confidently through the water is an incredible feeling. With both group and 1-2-1 sessions catering for complete novices and those who are more experienced, we have something that will help you achieve your goals.

Bike Training

Cycling is a great way to challenge your fitness and our sessions will help  improve your health and have you feeling great. You’ll see an improvement in your performance in no time. We offer a range of different sessions suitable for all abilities.

Run Training

It doesn't matter to us whether you are just starting out or a record-breaker, we would love for you to join our run sessions. We have a "couch 2 5km" program as well as regular runs to enable everyone to improve and work on their technique and fitness.

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Boot Camp

Triathlon Training

Triathlon is Swimming, biking and running and it is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. There has been a wide range of variations using a combination of the three sports and this, along with the range of distances available make Triathlon great for beginners through to Elites. Check out our "Couch to Tri" programme as well as our training days and camps.

Core, Strength and Conditioning

These group sessions are designed to enhance your body's functionality, challenge your balance and core and help to strengthen the muscles to try and reduce the risk of injuries so you can be in the best possible shape to achieve your goals.

Online Training and Personal Training

The group sessions are tailored to the individual participants, but we understand that these might not work for you so we can offer personal training and online training plans that are tailored towards your goals. These plans are structured around your lifestyle and regular feedback ensures that you are always on track.


Client Testimonials

Hear What Others Have to Say

If you are considering entering your first triathlon and need an ace coach then sign up with BeXtrifit. Bex taught me front crawl and gave me confidence in open water swimming. I completed my first tri last summer and am planning more next year!


A quick note to say thank you. Did Blenheim Tri over the weekend. In 2015 the 750 meter swim took me 20.20. This year it took me 17.20. So your swimming instruction made me 3 minutes quicker – Thank you


Thank you ArcticONE for starting me off in the world of Triathlon. I owe you a lot and Bex Stubbings for helping me learn to swim at the very beginning and starting my journey to become Paralympic Champion. Check her out. Awesome



Contact Us

Chesham Moor Gym and Swim, Moor Road, Chesham, HP5 1SE

07986 829314


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